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United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives, Confederate

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 43 Collections and/or Records:

A. J. McBride collection

Identifier: ahc.MSS220f
Scope and Content This collection includes correspondence, lists, and reminiscences about the Civil War, primarily surrounding the service of Colonel A. J. McBride of the 10th Georgia Regiment. The collection includes an 1864 letter regarding his promotion, and several letters written to him on the subject of war time experiences and post war life. The collection also includes a manuscript by L. L. Cochran of Alabama titled "The Tenth Georgia Regiment at Gettysburg."
Dates: 1862-1901

Barnard C. Wagner letters

Identifier: ahc.MSS359f
Scope and Content This collection contains transcriptions and copies of two letters from Wagner, a soldier in the 2nd Battery, Heavy Artillery, Conderate States Army, to Emma Dasher regarding events associated with the Atlanta Campaign in July 1864.
Dates: 1864

Benjamin T. Hunter papers

Identifier: ahc.MSS179f
Scope and Content This collection contains Benjamin T. Hunter's diary, in which he wrote extensively about the weather, his school, hunting, Civil War battles, drilling and camp life with the local militia, the cost of items he had purchased, and various activities he pursued in his workshop. Also included are military documents in which Hunter is ordered to arrest deserters. There are letters from J. DeWitt Burkhead regarding a teaching position in Athens, Georgia. The collection also contains papers related...
Dates: 1861-1869

Colin Dunlop civil war letters

Identifier: ahc.MSS96f
Scope and Contents of the Records This collection contains the transcriptions of three letters written during the Civil War by Colin Dunlop. The first letter was written to his sister on April 13, 1864 at a Confederate Army camp near Dalton, Georgia. Within the letter, he mentions that he has no access to news due to the newspaper strike in Atlanta, and gives his sister updates on his health. He also asks her to give his regards to other family members and friends. The second letter to his sister was written on August 13, 1864...
Dates: 1864, 1945

D. M. Russell Civil War letter

Identifier: ahc.MSS297f
Scope and Content This collection consists of a letter written by Russell to his mother about a recent battle, likely one of the Seven Days Battles in Virginia. Russell mentions that he was wounded during the fighting and his company was particularly hard hit. He lists the names of four dead soldiers and those badly injured, observing that of the twenty-five men in his company only three escaped injury. He tells his mother that he was injured near the end of the battle when the fortifications were captured and...
Dates: 1862 July 9

David G. Godwin letters

Identifier: ahc.MSS122f
Scope and Content This collection contains letters written by David G. Godwin to his wife and to an unidentified individual called "Dr. G." He writes about the secession of Tennessee, the fall of Fort Henry, Tennessee, troop movements, skirmishes with the enemy, sickness among the soldiers, religious revivals in the camp, his thoughts on soldiers and deserters, camp life, and the removal of General Joseph E. Johnson from command.
Dates: 1861-1864, undated

Dr. Samuel Hollingsworth Stout correspondence

Identifier: ahc.MSS342f
Scope and Content This collection contains correspondence from Dr. Samuel Hollingsworth Stout, Medical Director of the Army of Tennessee. Many of the letters were written during the Civil War in connection with military medicine.
Dates: 1860-1902

Henry Beck Civil War diaries

Identifier: ahc.MSS422f
Scope and Content The collection consists of two volumes of Beck’s diary compiled during his service in the Army of Northern Virginia. Beck’s diaries from 1861 through February 1864 were lost in a 1894 fire at the headquarters of a Confederate Reunion in Birmingham. In 327 diary entries, Beck provides detailed observations on the daily life of an enlisted man in the Confederate Army. Beck ruminates on weather conditions, daily marches, and his primary duty of feeding the troops. He gives detailed accounts of...
Dates: 1864-1865, undated

Henry Thomas Davenport collection

Identifier: ahc.MSS273f
Scope and Content This collection contains photocopies of transcriptions of letters written by Confederate soldier Henry Thomas Davenport to his family. Also included is a paper entitled "A Dime That Bought Freedom" by Sarah Pfeiffer about Davenport, her great uncle.
Dates: 1861-1864, undated

Holbrook and Jefferson family Civil War letter and marriage certificate

Identifier: ahc.MSS160f
Scope and Content This collection includes the marriage certificate of James H. Holbrook and Mary E. Jefferson and a letter from 1st Lieutenant Thomas E. Jefferson to his wife and children. He writes about his travels, the potential for fights with "the yankees," and asks them to pray for him.
Dates: 1862 April-May

Horatio McMullan letters

Identifier: ahc.MSS424f
Scope and Content This collection contains copies of letters written by Horatio McMullan to his sister and to "Jack". The letters were written from Richmond, Virginia in July 22 and Aug. 2, 1861.
Dates: 1861

Huff Family Correspondence and Reciept

Identifier: ahc.MSS682f
Scope and Content The collection contains twenty-three letters and one receipt written by and to the members of the Huff family and their friends. Included are letters written between 1853 and 1855 by Albert, Green, Jackson, Zipporah, and Monroe Willis. The young men wrote about traveling to Quitman, Texas to open a mercantile business. Their letters cover topics including the quality of the land, their trouble in finding spouses, the integrity of the locals, and the purchasing of goods for their business. ...
Dates: 1853-1869

James E. Williams collection

Identifier: ahc.MSS329
Scope and Content This collection is comprised of Williams family members letters, bills, and receipts beinginning in the 1820s to the turn of the century. There are three bound books: checkbook 1854, Williams company account book 1859, and scrapbook 1904-1905. There are also several Confederate bond receipts and checks, letters from the field, a parole, a bill of sale for a slave, and monthly subsistence papers. Other items include a fire insurance policy dated October 16, 1865; an invitation to Fanny...
Dates: 1820-1905, undated

James L. Bell papers

Identifier: ahc.MSS848f
Scope and Content This collection documents the life of James L. Bell and Bell family genealogy. Included are letters to Bell from William J. Hilburn, a fellow soldier; Captain Charles K. Maddox, under whom both Bell and Hilburn served during their military service; Walter A. Wiley; and A. T. Spalding, a pastor at Second Baptist Church in Atlanta. There is also research on the Bell family, gathered by James L. Bell’s great-granddaughter Edith H. Cook, that traces the family back to the 18th century. Cook also...
Dates: 1876-1983, undated

John Matthew McCrary papers

Identifier: ahc.MSS152
Scope and Content This collection contains correspondence between John McCrary and his wife, Mary Boyd; his brother, Robert, and mother, Nancy, during John McCrary's service in the Georgia Volunteers during the Civil War. Additional records include a contract between John McCrary and his former slaves; his furlough order; and a list of Mr. McCrary's taxable property.
Dates: 1862-1865, undated

John S. Holland Civil War letter

Identifier: ahc.MSS161f
Scope and Content This collection consists of John S. Holland's letter to Dr. William Farell. In it, Holland writes about the Army of Tennessee's march to Nashville, Tennessee, and subsequent delay outside the city. He describes the Federal attack on their position on December 15, 1864, and the cause of the rout on the next day. He also writes about retiring to winter quarters.
Dates: 1864 January 20

J.W. Speir Civil War letters

Identifier: ahc.MSS332f
Scope and Content This collection contains transcriptions of letters from Confederate soldier J.W. Speir to his wife. He writes about camp conditions, fighting around Atlanta, hospital conditions, and their children.
Dates: 1864

King family papers

Identifier: ahc.MSS753
Scope and Content This collection contains correspondence between various members of the King family and payment receipts on the accounts of many of the family members.
Dates: 1858-1918

Lam family papers

Identifier: ahc.MSS439f
Scope and Content This collection consists of three letters. One letter of particular interest was written by "Jas. G. Lam," a soldier in the 1st Georgia Battalion during the Civil War, and documents a railroad accident and the Confederate retreat. There is a letter signed by M. L. Whittmore and an oath of allegiance to the United States signed by Charles Lam. Also included are envelopes addressed to Margaret Whitman Lakin.
Dates: 1864-1867, undated

Leander Parker letters

Identifier: ahc.MSS266f
Scope and Content This collection contains photo copies of four letters written by Leander Parker, a soldier in the Confederate Army, to his mother. He writes about his feelings on the war, actions of Federal troops, sickness, rations, and peace prospects.
Dates: 1862-1864