George R. Stritikus Papers
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George R. Stritikus Papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Atlanta History Center
Creator: Stritikus, George R., 1942-2004
Title: George R. Stritikus Papers
Dates: 1979-1998
Quantity: 1.26 linear ft.
Quantity: (3 document cases)
Identification: ahc.MSS983

Biographical/Historical Note

George R. Stritikus (1942-2004) served as a County Extension Agent for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System/Auburn University. He researched and wrote extensively about the garden history of Alabama and served as an active member of the Southern Garden History Society. He received a B.S. in Landscape and Ornamental from Auburn University in 1964 and an M.S. in Horticulture from the same institution in 1966. He also attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the research papers of George R. Stritikus. According to the author, "these pages are not really scholarly papers written for other scholars. The primary audience is the novice/average gardener, who is interested in gardening and history, but who may or may not be a trained botanist or horticulturist. As far as I am concerned, I consider these 2500 pages my ‘Un-official Dissertation.’" The collection consists primarily of articles written by Stritikus (abbreviated as GSA in the description inventory) and fact sheets he compiled(abbreviated as FS in the description inventory) related to the history of Alabama gardens and plants cultivated in the state. In addition, Stritikus assembled plant material indexes (abbreviated as PMI in the description inventory) that list references to Alabama gardens and plant materials from books, magazines and/or articles that were either published or unpublished. Some of the Stritikus research material features Georgia gardens. General topics regarding southern garden history are also included. In addition, the collection contains genealogical information related to the Stritikus, Clikas, Ross, and Sparks families. All the materials in the collection are typed copies.


These papers were organized by George R. Stritikus according to the "Gardening History Items: Packing Slip" located in Box 1, Folder 1. Stritikus assigned numbers to the articles (GSA), fact sheets (FS), and plant material indexes (PMI) to correspond roughly to the order in which they were written. The numerical order of these research materials has been maintained.

Index Terms

Architecture, Domestic--Alabama--History--19th century
Gardens--Southern States--History
Historic gardens--Conservation and restoration
Historic preservation--Alabama
Landscape gardening--Southern States--History
Stritikus, George R., 1942-2004

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[identification of item(s)], George R. Stritikus Papers, MSS 983, Cherokee Garden Library, Kenan Research Center, Atlanta History Center.

Acquisition Information

Gift of George R. Stritikus, 1998 (CGL 1998.01).

Processing Information

Collection processed in 2009.


Restrictions on Access

This collection is open for research.

Restrictions on Use

Unpublished manuscripts are protected by copyright. All requests to publish, quote, or reproduce must be submitted through the Kenan Research Center.

Container List




11Collection Background Information
2Index for Gardening History Items (2 copies)
3Gardening History Items: Packing Slip
4Gardening History Items: A Bibliography of the work of George R. Stritikus
5Letter from George Stritikus to "Peachtree Garden Library,", 22 April 1983
6 Heritage Gardens – Restoring the Landscape and Gardens Around Your Historical Home
7 A 30th Anniversary History of the Greater Montgomery Rose Society, since the inception of the American Rose Society
8 Resources for Southern Gardens – A guide to the major published and unpublished sources of information about early Alabama gardens
9 Reflections while Gardening in the Black Belt – Being a compilation of articles on gardening
10"On Being There," an account of a 1907 Nanz and Neuner Florist Catalog from Shelbyville
11"Old English Boxwoods of a Georgia Plantation," an account of the boxwoods at the Jones Plantation near Millen, Georgia
12"Stepping into the Past: The Story of the Battle-Friedman Garden"
13"Thomas Afflecks’s Evaluation of 1854 Southern Gardens"
14"Alabama: Her People, Her Houses, and Gardens – A Glimpse at the Way Various Alabamians Have Expressed their Understanding of Design and their Love of Plants During the Last Two Centuries"
15"Common Plants and Accidental Poisonings – A Resource List"
16"Poisonous’ Plants around the Home"
17"Relative Toxicity of Common Garden Chemicals"
18"A draft of the Hull Street, Old Alabama Town walking tour of old fashioned plants"
19"Church Christmas and Easter Decorations – A Personal History"
20 The Stritikus Family as known by George Robert Stritikus
21 A Ross Family History and Genealogy, an adjunct to the Stritikus Family History and Genealogy



21 "Why I Research Old Gardens" – a talk delivered to the 10th Annual Meeting of the Heritage Rose Foundation in Tallahassee, FL, 1996
2GSA #1: "On Being There," an account of a 1907 Nanz and Neuner Florist Catalog from Shelbyville, Kentucky
3GSA #2: "Old English Boxwoods of a Georgia Plantation," an account of the boxwoods at the Jones Plantation near Millen, Georgia
4GSA #3: "Alabama Landscapes," for the Alabama Preservation Manuel, a brief outline for amateur and restoration professional
5GSA #4: "Fine Tuning the Period Garden"
6GSA #5: "List of Recommended Period Plants For Alabama Gardens"
7GSA #6: "An Early (1813-15) List of Bulbous Plants associated with the LeConte Plantation at Woodmanston, Georgia"
8GSA #7: "A List of Recommended Period Plant Materials for Alabama Gardens" (same as GSA #5, only revised)
9GSA #8: "Alabama Landscapes, A Brief Outline" (same as GSA #3, only revised)
10GSA #9: "A Brief History of the LeConte Family and the Botanical Collection at the Woodmanston Plantation"
11GSA #10: "A History of Gardening in Alabama"
12GSA #11: "Growing Ornamentals in the Clay Soils of the Black Belt"
13GSA #12: "Heritage Roses in Alabama Gardens"
14GSA #13: "Early Accounts of Alabama Gardens – Montgomery Flower Growers’ Association Meeting – February 1907 – An Antebellum Garden"
15GSA #14: "Early Accounts of Alabama Gardens – Montgomery Flower Growers’ Association Meeting – March 1907 – Antebellum Gardens"
16GSA #15: Early Accounts of Alabama Gardens – "Gardens I Remember," by Mrs. Annie B. Williams Fitch
17GSA #16: "Early Accounts of Alabama Gardens – Rich Heritage," by Martha Belle Sulzby
18GSA #17: "Early Accounts of Alabama Gardens – Montgomery Flower Growers’ Association Meeting" – February 1907 – "Antebellum Gardens" (Part 1; it goes along with part 2 (GSA #13) and part 3 (GSA #14))
19FS #1: "Toward a Period Look in Landscapes"
20FS #2: "Resource List – Toward a Period Look in Landscapes"
21FS #3: "Plant Materials at Fendall Hall, Eufaula"
22FS #4: "Resource List – Historic Alabama Plants"
23FS #5: "Roses Listed By Mary Wallace Kirk as Growing in Her Garden at ‘Locust Hill’ in Tuscumbia"
24FS #6: "Recipe for Hard Dirt Walks"
25FS #7: "Lowndesboro, Alabama: A Shrine to Southern Culture," an original Southern Garden History Society information sheet
26FS #8: "Rosewood, 1855, Lowndesboro, Alabama" with an original Southern Garden History Society information sheet
27FS #9: "Roses in Alabama Gardens"
28FS #10: "Roses Sold in Alabama before 1900 and after 1900, which are Still in Cultivation Today"
29FS #11: "Roses Sold in Alabama during the 1920’s and 30’s which are still in cultivation today"
30FS #12: "Roses in Alabama Gardens" (update of FS #9)
31FS #13: "Roses Sold in Alabama Before 1900 – Which are still in cultivation today"
32FS #14: "Roses in Alabama Gardens – That Are Still in Cultivation Today" (update of FS #12)
33FS #15: "Battle-Friedman Update"
34FS #16: "New Light on the Battle-Friedman Yard"
35FS #17: "Recipe for Hard Dirt Walks"
36FS #18: "Old Fashioned Roses for Alabama"
37FS #19: "Antique Daffodils for Gardens Today"
38FS #20: "The Typical Rose Garden in Alabama"
39FS #21: "Accumulative Index of Plant Names that appear in PMI’s #1-61"
40FS #22: "Bringing Computers to Bear on Period Landscapes"
41FS #23: "Frequency of Rose Names in the Accumulative Index of PMI’s"
42FS #24: "The Stylish House – The history of one house and the impact subsequent owners had on the landscape"



31PMI #1: Collirene, The Queen Hill
2PMI #2: "Our Settlement," a manuscript written by Miss J. Nicholene Bishop about 'Tanglewood,' her home in Hale Co., Alabama
3PMI #3: Alabama Antebellum Architecture
4PMI #4: Minute Book of the Chunnannuggee Ridge Horticultural Society
5PMI #5: Sketches of Alabama
6PMI #6: "Gardens I Remember"
7PMI #7: Antebellum Mansions of Alabama
8PMI #8: Historic Homes of Alabama and Their Traditions
9PMI #9: White Pillars – Early Life and Architecture of the Lower Mississippi Valley Country
10PMI #10: Locust Hill
11PMI #11: History of Alabama, 1540-1900
12PMI #12: Journal of a Residence on a Georgia Plantation in 1838-39
13PMI #13: "The American Farmer" magazine, Vol. 7, 1825
14PMI #14: "The American Farmer" magazine, Vol. 9, 1827
15PMI #15: "The American Farmer" magazine, Vol. 14, 1832
16PMI #16: Letter by Thomas F. Hazzard of St. Simon’s Island, Ga., April 1832
17PMI #17: "Myrtle Hall, Boligee, Alabama, Cir 1840"
18PMI #18: Plan for Rose Garden – Gowrie Plantation, Argyle Island, Ga., 1859
19PMI #19: Bound Herbarium of Judge Thomas M. Peters, Moulton, Al(Lawrence Co.)
20PMI #20: Miss Betty Roper’s Herbarium, 1853, Rocky Mount, Al., Lower Montgomery County
21PMI #21: Caroline Frances Smith’s Scrapbook of Pressed Flowers, Lowndesboro, AL, cir. 1830-1850
22PMI #22: Letters from Alabama 1817-1822
23PMI #23: "Forest Home" described in The Annuals of Ann Fennel Davis
24PMI #24: Letters from Alabama, an Annotated Edition of Phillip Henry Gosse
25PMI #25: Flowers and Flower Lovers
26PMI #26: Flowers and Flower Lovers
27PMI #27: "Little Mag, The Story of the Wilson Magnolia"
28PMI #28: Diaries of Dr. Hardy Vickers Wooten, 1813-1856
29PMI #29: Mother was a Rebel
30PMI #30: Ornamental trees and shrubs listed in "Montgomery Nurseries" (or Wilsons Nursery) of Montgomery, Alabama 1860 catalog
31PMI #31: Pegues Diaries and Letters
32PMI #32: 1857 Landscape Plan of Henry Watson, Greensboro
33PMI #33: The 1858 Vineland Nursery Catalog – One of Alabama’s largest 19th c. nurseries
34PMI #34: Plants listed in 1873-4 Langdon Nursery Catalog
35PMI #35: Roses listed in 1873-4 Langdon Nursery Catalog
36PMI #36: Langdon Nursery – Notes from the 1873-74 Catalogue
37PMI #37: "Remember When," the appearance of Montgomery yards in Spring, at the turn of our century
38PMI #38: "Grandmother’s Garden"
39PMI #39: The Herbarium of Louisiana and Mississippi of John C. Jenkins, A.D. 1836-37
40PMI #40: "The American Cotton Planter," 1853-1861, a monthly magazine published Montgomery, Alabama
41PMI #41: "A Courtship Book of Mary King Robinson," January 1861
42PMI #42: Thomas Affleck’s Evaluation of 1854 Southern Gardens
43PMI #43: Azaleas were rare in Antebellum Gardens
44PMI #44: The 1858 Herbarium of Fannie A. Nelms, Marion Female Seminary, Perry County, Marion, Alabama
45PMI #45: Entry for "Flowers and Floriculture" in Thomas McAdory Owen’s Alabama History
46PMI #46: "Tanglewood" – the 1859 home of Miss J. Nicholene Bishop in Hale County, Alabama
47PMI #47: A partial listing of the plants in the Sarah Frances Jenkins Herbarium from Livingston, Alabama
48PMI #48: Iberville’s Gulf Journals, 1698-1702
49PMI #49: Fleur de Lys and Calumet, being the Penicault Narrative of French Adventure in Louisiana, 1689-1721
50PMI #50: "Decorative Plants around Historic Alabama Homes"
51PMI #51: "Ornamental Plantings in Eufaula"
52PMI #52: A Journey in the Back Country
53PMI #53: "Roses at Goodwood Plantation, Tallahassee Prior to and After 1931"
54PMI #54: "Nineteenth-Century Yard Work"
55PMI #55: List of white roses that do well in Montgomery – Mrs. F.A. Flowers, 1907, from Montgomery Flower Growers’ Association Meeting
56PMI #56: 1860 List of plants for sale, Texas Central Nurseries, near Brenham – Thomas Affleck, proprietor
57PMI #57: Memories of Old Cahaba
58PMI #58: A list of rose varieties in the 1909 Wholesale Nursery Catalog for Chase Nursery; Chase, Alabama
59PMI #59: A list of rose varieties in 1923 Catalog for Fraser Nurseries; Birmingham, Alabama
60PMI #60: A list of rose varieties in a 1920’s Catalog for Huntsville Nurseries; Birmingham, Alabama
61PMI #61: A list of rose varieties in a 1921 Catalog for Rosemont Gardens; Montgomery, Alabama