Tucker Family Bills and Correspondence
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Tucker Family Bills and Correspondence

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Atlanta History Center
Creator: Tucker family
Title: Tucker Family Bills and Correspondence
Dates: 1877-1899, undated
Quantity: 1.25 linear ft.
Quantity: Extent: 1.25 linear ft. (3 document cases)
Identification: ahc.MSS205

Biographical/Historical Note

Henry Holcombe Tucker (1819-1889) was born in Camak, Georgia on May 10, 1819. He received a B.A. from Columbian College in 1838, and practiced law and taught before becoming a Baptist minister in 1851. He served as President of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia from 1866-1871, Chancellor of the University of Georgia in Athens from 1874-1878, and editor of the Christian Index from 1878-1888. The town of Tucker, Georgia is named after him. Tucker was married twice. His first wife, a Miss West of Savannah, Georgia, died early in life. He married Sarah Stevens of Massachusetts, and the couple had two children. The Tuckers moved to Atlanta around 1880, and lived on Capitol Avenue. Through inheritance and accomplishment, Henry Tucker amassed an estate estimated at between $100,000 and $125,000.

Scope and Content Note

The majority of this collection includes monthly invoices, bills and other financial transactions initiated by Sarah Tucker after the death of her husband, Henry Holcombe Tucker. Almost all of the transactions involved businesses in downtown Atlanta. The collection provides insight into the lifestyle and monthly financial responsibilities of a wealthy widow in Atlanta during the 1890s. Included among Ms. Tucker’s purchases are groceries, dry goods, building supplies, labor, utility bills, subscriptions, coal, ice, insurance policies, a tombstone, and a horse-drawn carriage. Ms. Tucker’s financial records bear the logos and advertising of dozens of Atlanta businesses. Correspondence in the collection consists of four letters written by both Henry and Sarah Tucker to family and friends.


This collection is arranged alphabetically by company name.

Index Terms

Atlanta Gas Light Company.
Atlanta Lumber Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Atlanta Machine Works (Atlanta, Ga.)
Atlanta Marble Works (Atlanta, Ga.)
Atlanta Water Works (Atlanta, Ga.)
Barker and Holleman (Atlanta, Ga.)
Burns Manufacturing Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Carter and Gillespie (Atlanta, Ga.)
Chamberlain, Johnson and Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Chattahoochee Brick Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Cole and Gentry Electric Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Constitution Publishing Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Dohme and Corrigan Grocery Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Elkin, Watson Drug Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Fitten-Thompson Hardware Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Forest View Dairy Farm (Atlanta, Ga.).
Fruitland Nurseries (Atlanta, Ga.)
George Muse Clothing Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Guimarin, Engles and Stockton (Atlanta, Ga.)
Insurance policies--Georgia--Atlanta
J.C. Bridger Coal Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Joint Stock Grocery Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Keely Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
King Hardware Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
M. Rich and Bros. (Atlanta, Ga.)
Phoenix Planning Mill (Atlanta, Ga.)
Potts-Thompson Liquor Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Public utilities--Georgia--Atlanta
Purity Ice Works (Atlanta, Ga.)
Rauschenberg Market Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Second Baptist Church (Atlanta, Ga.)
Southern Express Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Southern Mutual Insurance Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Standard Ice Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Stocks Coal Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Stores, Retail--Georgia--Atlanta
Tucker, Henry H., (Henry Holcombe), 1819-1898
Tucker, Sarah
Valley Hill Jersey Farm (Atlanta, Ga.)
Westview Cemetery (Atlanta, Ga.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Tucker Family Bills and Correspondence, MSS 205, Kenan Research Center, Atlanta Hisotry Center

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Mr. Honour, Cathcart Storage Company, 1968 (1968.146)

Description Control

Processed in 2007


Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use

Unpublished manuscripts are protected by copyright. All requests to publish, quote, or reproduce must be submitted through the Kenan Research Center.

Container List




11Abram French Company, 1893, undated
2American Baptist Publication Society, 1894, 1896
3American Notion Company, 1883
4Atlanta Charitable Association, 1896
5Atlanta Fire Department, 189-
6Atlanta Gas Light Company, 1889-1897
7Atlanta Job Shop Company, 1893
8Atlanta Journal, 1889-1897
9Atlanta Lumber Company, 1893
10Atlanta Machine Works, Manufacturers of Ice Machines, 1896
11Atlanta Marble Works, 1893
12Atlanta Saw Works, 1894
13Atlanta Water Works, 1889-1897
14Austen and Boylston, Manufacturers and Dealers in Long Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber, 1891
15W.C.H Badger and Company, 1893
16Barker and Holleman, 1890-1896
17W.S. Bell, Lumber, Shingles, Laths and Builders Hardware, 1889
18Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company, 1897
19Bohnfeld, C., Cabinetmaker, 1899
20Booth and Thomas, Central Market, 189-
21Bowen, J.B., Plumber and Glass Fitter, 1892-1897
22Bowie, John R. and Company, General Insurance Agents, 1891,1894
23J.C. Bridger Coal Company, 1891-1892
24Brown, George M., Fire Insurance and Loans, 1893
25Bucher, J.C., Seed Store, 1891-1897
26Burns Manufacturing Company, 1897
27Butcher and Wingate, Plumbers and Steam Fitters, 1892-1893
28Calhoun, W.L., Ordinary, 1889
29Campbell, R.O., Dealer in Domestic Anthracite and Steam Coal, 1893
30Carter and Gillespie, Electrical Supplies, 1897
31Central Bank Block Association, 1893
32Central Railroad and Banking Company of Georgia, 1893, undated
33Chamberlain, Johnson and Company, Dry Goods, 1892-1897
34Chattahoochee Brick Company, 1893-1896
35Chattanooga Roof and Paving Company, 1889
36The Christian Index, 1889
37City Engineer’s Office, Atlanta, Georgia, 1892-1897
38City of Atlanta, Office of Commissioner of Public Works, 1896
39City Tax Collector, Atlanta, Georgia, 1889-1896
40The Clarke Hardware Company, 1892-1894
41Cole and Gentry Electric Company, 1893
42Commissioner of Public Works, Atlanta, Georgia, 1895-1896
43Constitution Publishing Company, 1889-1896
44Cooksey and Murphy, Improved Artificial Stone Markets, 1893
45Cooledge, F.J. and Brother, Paint and Varnish Makers, 1892- 1897
46Crankshaw, Charles, Diamonds, Jewelry and Silverware, 1894, 1896
47Crawford and Purtell, Dealers in Western Meats, 1894
48Daniel, J.C. and I. Daniel, Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Leather, Shoe Findings, Etc., 1891
49Day, S.W., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Ice, Fish, Oysters, and Game, 1893
50Department of Buildings, City of Atlanta, 1897
51Dohme and Corrigan Grocery Company, 1891-1894
52Dougherty, D.H. and Co., Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods, 1891-1894
53Douglas, Thomas and Davison, Dry Goods, 1896
54Dunning and Son, 1897, undated



21East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway, 1893
2Elkin, Watson Drug Co., 1891-1894
3The Emery Market Company, Ice, Fish, Oysters, Etc., 1891- 1896
4Erskine, William, Importer and Jobber of Irish and Scottish Linen, 1897
5Fire Association of Philadelphia, 1896
6Fitten-Thompson Hardware Co., 1894-1896
7Forest View Dairy Farm, 1891-1892
8J.H. Foster, Groceries, Feed and Vegetables, 1889-1897
9Fruitland Nurseries, 1896
10Fuller and Besse, Munfacturers of Ladies’, Misses’and Children’s Custom Boots and Shoes, 1892, 1897
11Fulton County Tax Collector’s Office, 1891-1897
12Georgia Railroad Company, 1894
13Glenn and Slaton, Law Office, 1892
14Guimarin, Engles and Stockton, Plumbers, 1891-1893
15High, J.M. and Company, Dry Goods, 1891-1897
16Hillyer and Lee, Counsellors at Law, 1893
17Hirsch Brothers, Clothing Lenders, 1893
18Hopkins, Jno L. and Sons, Attorneys at Law, 1893
19Hotel Saint Simon, 1897
20Hunnicutt and Bellingrath Company, Manufacturers and Dealers in Stoves, Tinware and Furnishing Goods, 1889-1897
21Ivey Leaf Market, 1891
22Johns and Bailey, Architectural Street Metal Workers, 1896
23Johnson, J.W., Dealer Exclusively in Western Beef, Pork, Mutton, and Sausage, 1896-1899
24Joint Stock Grocery Company, 1896
25Jones, Charles, House Furnishing Hardware, 1892
26Jones, McDuffee and Stratton, Pottery, Glass and Lamp Merchants, 1893
27C.J. Kamper Company, Staple and Fine Groceries, 1896-1897
28Keely Company, Dry Goods, 1894-1897
29Kennesaw Council No.215, 1889
30Kimball, J.C., Dealer in Hill Patent and Other Sliding Blinds, 1889,1891
31King Hardware Company, 1893-1897
32Kneip, Fred, Importer of Precious Stones, 1891
33Kreis, J., Dealer in Fresh Meats and Sausages, 1894
34Liddell and Johnson, Railroad Contractors, 1892
35Liebermann and Kaufmann, Trunks and Traveling Bags, 1892
36Liffs, M., 1892
37Lipes, M. Builder and Contractor, 1891-1892
38Lippincott Co., 1892
39Little, W.W., Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, 1891- 1892
40Locke, Ed., Practical Tin Roofer, 1892
41Maier and Volberg, Manufacturers of Tents, Awnings and Mattresses, 1896
42Mauck, M. M., Wall Paper and Painters’ Supplies, 1892-1893
43Mayson, T.C., The Grocer, 1889
44McAfee and Son, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Coal, Wood and Kindling, 1896-1897
45McDuffie, B.F., Contractor and Builder, 1892-1894
46McNeal, E.W., Wall Papers, Room Moldings, and Hooks, 1894
47The Merchants Bank, 1885
48Miller, Andrew J. and Son, Furniture, Carpets, Mattings, and Window Shades, 1891
49Miller, William C., Painter, Decorator and Interior Finisher, 1897
50Moncrief- Dowman Co, Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron and Copper Cornices, Metal Skylights, 1897
51Georgia Muse Clothing Co, 1891-1897
52Officer of Receiver of Taxes, Philadelphia, PA, 1891-1892
53Norcross Butter and Cheese Manufacturing Company, 1897



31Palmer, R.L., Druggist, 1894
2Park and Tilford, 1894-1897
3Patillo, W.P., Agt. Fire Insurance, 1892-1897
4Phillips, Wellborn, Baker, and Co., Dry Goods, Notions and Cloaks, 1897
5Phillips, I., Manufacturer and Dealer in Superior Surgical Instruments, 1893
6Phoenix Planning Mill, Manufacturers of Sash, Doors and Blinds, 1896-1897
7Potts and Potts, Wholesale Liquors, 1893-1894
8Potts-Thompson Liquor Company, 1894-1897
9Purity Ice Works, 1897
10Rauschenberg Market Co., 1897
11Ray and Son, Practical Tin and Sheet Iron Workers, 1892-1893
12Reynolds, W.W., Sign Painter, 1897
13Rich, M. and Bros, Dry Goods, Carpet and Furniture, 1889-1896
14Rosetti, Portraits, 1894
15Sciple Sons, Manufacturers of Snow Flake Lime, 1892-1897
16Seaboard Air Line, 1894
17Second Baptist Church, For Pew Rent, 1889-1894
18Slater, A.J., Carpenter and Cabinet Maker, 1897
19Smith, E.J., Dealer in Western Meats, 1894
20Smith, J.C., Wood and Coal Dealer, 1892-1894
21Smith, W.P. and Co., Dealer in Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, 1893
22Snyder, C.R., Sliding Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Rolling Partitions, 1896-1897
23Southern Express Co., 1893-1897
24Southern Mutual Insurance Co., 1891-1897
25Southern Plumbing and Tinning Co., 1897
26Spence, N.C., Manufacturer of First-Class Carriages, Buggies, 1891
27Standard Ice Co., 1896-1897
28State of Georgia, Tax Collector’s Office, 1888
29State Savings Bank of Georgia, undated
30Steinhauer, Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting, 1893
31Stevens. J.P. and Brothers, Diamonds, Watches and Art Goods, 1891
32Stocks Coal Co., 1893-1897
33Stockton and Kuhrt, Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters, 1893
34Stony Brook Herd Jersey Cattle, 1889
35Taylor, Thomas M., Scale Expert and Dealer in Scales, 1891
36Thomas, D.L., Fine Fresh and Smoked Meats, 1889, undated
37Thompson, Joseph, Distiller and Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 1892-1893, undated
38Thornton’s Bookstore, 1889
39Traynham and Ray, Dealers in and Manufacturers of Lumber, Doors, Sash and Blinds, 1892-1897
40Tye, J. and Co., Sausage Manufacturers, 1892-1896
41Unidentified, 1892-1897, undated
42United States Express Co., 1899
43Valley Hill Jersey Farm, 1892-1897
44Walker, Sam, Picture Frame Maker, 1893
45Walsh and McAlpin, Dealers in Granite, Architectural, Monumental and Cut Work, 1891
46Westview Cemetery, 1889
47West View Floral Co., 1897
48Whitner, Jno A. and Co., Insurance Agents, 1893
49Williams, G.O.and Brothers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Shingles, Coal, Wood, Lime, 1893, 1897
50Wingate and Mell, Sheet Metal Workers, 1892
51Wood and Beaumont Stove and Furniture Co., 1892-1897
52Woodward Lumber Co., 1896
53Young Men’s Library Association, 1891
54Correspondence, Mrs. G. Walker to Mrs. S. A. Tucker, 1896, undated
55Correspondence, Pope Barrow to H. H. Tucker, 1879
56Correspondence, Mr. H. H. Tucker to “My Dear Mother,”, undated
57Correspondence, C. M. Husbands, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 1877